The Women in Philanthropy members have many ways to become involved in the success of this great organization. Our members who are active in our committees experience profound benefits in networking, experience and leadship. We have 8 committees that make this organization successful.


The Communications Committee oversees public relations for the organization including sending out press releases and making arrangements for the press at the annual meeting ; managing the website and Facebook page; creating and updating brochures and other print and video graphic materials; and handling other publicity when appropriate.

The committee consists of 3-5 members who meet at least twice per year. The chair serves on the Board of Directors.

Communication Committee Group


The Education Committee coordinates an educational seminar for potential grant applicants in the fall and a winter meeting for prospective grant recipients to explain to the membership how the funds would be used if awarded to them.

The committee of 5-10 members shall have a minimum of one meeting per year. The chair serves on the Board of Directors.

Education Committee Group


 The Finance Chair serves as an officer of WIP and oversees WIP’s accounting practices and financial operations. She and her committee shall coordinate and provide appropriate reporting from the Community Foundation/United Way to WIP in all matters affecting WIP. 

Finance Committee Group


 The Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing the Operational Guidelines and all Policies of WIP annually. A committee of 3-7 members studies any recommendations suggested by the Board, a committee, or a member and prepares them for Board approval. The membership is notified of any changes or amendments at the Annual Meeting. 

The Chair serves on the Board of Directors. 

Governance Committee Group


 The primary purpose of the Grants Committee is to review all grants submitted to WIP and to determine the ballot for submission to the Board of Directors for approval and on to the full membership for voting. 

The Chair and Chair-Elect serve on the Board of Directors. The committee of 10 -15 members meets from August to March. 

Grants Committee Group


The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating all WIP membership records. In addition to letters of welcome to new members, thank you letters are sent to guests who attend the Fall Forum and the Annual Meeting. Lists are kept of those who have volunteered to serve on committees and chairs are notified. 

The Chair serves on the Board of Directors. The Committee of 6-8 man tables at the Fall Forum and Annual Meeting for the purpose collecting dues, recording guests, and registering new members. One Committee member acts as the membership liaison with United Way. 

Membership Committee Group


The Nominating Committee meets annually to select a slate of officers, committee chairs, and Board members-at-large. 

The Committee includes the Past Chair who serves as the Nominating Chair, the Chair, the Chair-Elect, Membership Chair, and 2-4 additional WIP members selected by the Nominating Chair and the Chair-Elect. The Committee prepares a slate of Directors to be approved by the current Board of Directors prior to the Annual Meeting of the membership and then elected by the membership at the annual meeting of the membership. 

Nominating Committee Group

Special Events

The Special Events Committee is responsible for implementing two membership events: the Fall Forum and the Annual Meeting/SpringLuncheon. 

The Chair serves on the Board. The committee of 8+ members, including the Membership Chair, have the responsibility of Invitations, Flowers, Menu, RSVP, Membership Mailing List, Name Tags, and Room Set-up. 

Special Events Committee Group

Doctor taking kids heartbeat with his mother


The mission of this organization, which is a partnership of the United Way of the CSRA and The Community Foundation for the CSRA, is to create an awareness of the needs of women and children in the Central Savannah River Area of Georgia and South Carolina.

child getting food


The vision of this organization is to give hope to every woman and child for the future through collaboration, connection, and community.

Women Studying


The purpose of this organization is to award grants to fund programs and projects that have the potential for high impact, resulting in significant, positive change in the lives of women and children in Aiken, Burke, Columbia, Edgefield, McDuffie, and Richmond Counties.